How to change your Windows iCloud Drive Folder

I made the switch back to Windows 10 from my Mac Book Pro.  On my new MSI Laptop I have a 256 SSD & a 1TB hard-drive. I wanted to move my iCloud Drive from by SSD to my larger hard-drive. Apple does not let you customize your Drive location, you can only change the Photo location with their settings.  Below is the steps that I took to move my iCloud Drive. I found most of the steps online, but tweaked some of them.

As a note you have you trick iCloud because it will always look in your C:Users<username>iCloudDrive” folder.  You have to create a link from this folder to where your real folder is. This is different then a shortcut. No rebooting is needed.

NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU LOST YOUR DATA (but you should have it in the cloud anyway so….)

  1. First make sure you disable iCloud Drive.
    • If you have a large amount of data in your current iCloud Drive folder and you do not want to have to re-download it, copy the C:\Users<username>iCloudDrive” folder to “D:\iCloudDrive” first
  2. When you disable your iCloud Drive it will tell you that the data & folder will be removed. It will not effect the folder on Drive D:, but will remove the folder and data in “C:\Users<username>iCloudDrive”
  3. Next you need to make sure that you have a D:\iCloudDrive Folder, if its not already there, create it.
  4. Next go to the command prompt and type in:
    mklink /J “C:\Users\<username>\iCloudDrive” “D:\iCloudDrive”

    • No spaces in iCloudDrive
    • To get to the Command Prompt: Press Windows Key+R, type in CMD in the prompt then click Open
  5. Go back to your iCloud settings and enable iCloud Drive, you may get a message about merging your data, click yes.

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