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Testing WordPress for iPhone 2.0

The is the 2nd time I’m writing my first post from WordPress of iPhone 2.0. First time it errored out when saving.. “Connection lost”.

Over all so far I like the layout.. Had an issue when first setting up app. I was getting NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 40 when adding my site info. I was getting other parser errors with the old version, that’s why I’ve been waiting for version 2.0 to come out. I had to disable all wordpress plugins & set the theme to the default. Then I was able to add my site info to the app. After testing the app I have now re-enabled my plugings and enabled my favorite theme one by one. After re-enabling every thing the app is still working 🙂

The new version is not an upgrade, if you have an old version, remove it then look for “wordpress 2” in the app store. The app has a landscape keyboard mode for typing posts. One suggestion is that the app save a local copy on the iPhone when you are editing a post, so if you get an error when saving you can retry. I’m most likely going to hit save often… Being the nut I am when I hit save in excel 10 times a minute.

Now that I have the WordPress iPhone app up and running I believe I’m going to love it!! 🙂   http://iphone.wordpress.org/