Fido Announces $5/Day Roaming in the United States, $10/Day Internationally

Fido has announced that starting in mid-May, new and existing Fido Pulse plan customers will be able to use the data, text and talk from their plan while outside of Canada for $5 / day in the U.S. and $10 / day internationally in many destinations.”Fido Roam is another great value add for our Fido Pulse plan customers. It’s affordable and easy to use so that our customers can worry less about finding a Wi-Fi connection and focus more on doing the things they love while travelling,” said Nancy Audette, Vice President, Fido. “We heard from our customers that they want to roam worry free, and that’s why we’re offering the ultimate roaming solution.”For customers that plan on taking an extended soul-searching trip, Fido will only charge them for a max of 10 days per monthly bill, per zone. This means up to 21 days of Fido Roam with no extra roaming charges in that month. Customers will receive a text message as soon as they connect to a partner network, but will only pay for Fido Roam on days when they use their phone in the U.S. or internationally. Customers will only be charged a maximum of $50 (in the U.S.) and $100 (internationally) for roaming on any given monthly bill.Share Article:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Email,   Reddit,   Digg,   Delicious,   StumbleUponFollow iClarified:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Newsletter,   App Store,   YouTubeAdvertise Here

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