This is Google’s Version of ‘3D Touch’ for Android [Video]

Google has confirmed that the new launcher shortcut features in Android N will work with pressure sensitive displays, reports Mashable. Similar to 3D Touch the launcher shortcuts let you access quick actions from the icons on your home screen. Phandroid was able to get the feature working using a swipe down action instead of a deep press for demonstration purposes.Though Phandroid’s example relies on specific gestures — like a swipe down — to activate the shortcuts, the feature will also work with pressure sensitive displays, Google confirmed to Mashable. This means developers will be able to use the feature to create experiences for pressure sensitive handsets like the Huawei Mate S and ZTE Axon mini that can also work on other devices.Share Article:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Email,   Reddit,   Digg,   Delicious,   StumbleUponFollow iClarified:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Newsletter,   App Store,   YouTubeAdvertise Here

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