Motor Trends Apple Car Concept [Video]

Motor Trends has shared their concept for the much rumored Apple Car. To come up with the design they visited the ArtCenter College of Design’s famous Hillside Campus, meeting with Stewart Reed, ArtCenter’s chair of transportation design; Tim Huntzinger, professor in graduate transportation systems and design; Tim Brewer, a faculty member and an inventor of the first mouse scroll wheel; Di Bao is a Chinese national specializing in interiors; Akash Chudasama, a recent grad student with an aerospace engineering degree; and Garrett DeBry, who would become their designer of record.The group tried to come up with a design that put a big emphasize on the user experience, as Apple would. Share Article:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Email,   Reddit,   Digg,   Delicious,   StumbleUponFollow iClarified:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Newsletter,   App Store,   YouTubeAdvertise Here

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