iPhone 6s Plus Dominates List of 2015’s Best Performance Smartphones [Chart]

Antutu is out with its Performance Ranking Report for 2015, which uses Antutu Benchmark 6.0 to rank popular smartphones on their performance. Notably, the iPhone 6s Plus decimated the competition, easily taking first place.??In Q4,2015,iPhone 6S,with its A9 processor, won the championship of performance ranking, over 130000 Antutu score . Huawei Mate 8 got NO.2 ,about 90000 Antutu score, with Hisilicon Kirin . Samsung Exynos E7420 devices ,between 80k-90k and Qualcomm snapdragon 810 devices followed after Huawei. ??Statistics Rules??1. Statistical source version :Antutu Benchmark V6.0??2. Statistics Method: take the the average score of one device model, one chip model??3. At least 500 data sample for one device’s scoreShare Article:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Email,   Reddit,   Digg,   Delicious,   StumbleUponFollow iClarified:Facebook,   Twitter,   LinkedIn,   Google Plus,   Newsletter,   App Store,   YouTubeAdvertise Here

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